Uncomplicated endocervical infections with N. gonorrheae and C. trachomatis are under-diagnosed and undertreated in emergency departments.23 Improving education, diagnosis, and empiric treatment rates for these infections, as well as for minimally symptomatic PID, should result in lower incidence and prevalence of PID and should decrease the incidence of major long-term sequelae, such as infertility and ectopic pregnancy.

Patients discharged with PID are frequently noncompliant with medications, frequently do not understand their diagnoses, and frequently do not obtain partner treatment.2425 Patients should be educated about these issues, as well as the advisability of testing and treatment for other STDs, including syphilis and HIV. Patients should understand the use of barrier contraceptives and other "safe sex" techniques to lessen their risk of re-infection.

Partners of PID patients should be empirically treated for N. gonorrheae and C. trachomatis if they have had sexual contact with the patient in the 60 days preceding the onset of her symptoms. Sexual contact should be avoided until one full course of treatment is completed.

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