Principles Of Emergency Department Sonography

Scott W. Melanson Michael B. Heller

Fundamentals Orientation

Characteristics,, ,o,0,h,e, „Emergency,, .Department ,,yl,t,ra,s,o,u,n,d,,,E,Mm,i,nat,i,on

Primary., Indications AbdominaLAortic Aneurysm

RenalColic Gallbladder,, Disease,, SonographyMfoi, Trauma F,irst:Trim,ester,nP,reg,nancy,, Evaluation CardiacUltrasonography

Miscellaneous ,,.Emergency Department ,,App,li,cat,io.ns Deep,, Venous, ,,Thrombosis yisualizaition,nol ,Bladd.sLand„, FluMCoMctions

ProceduraL Uses


Chapter References

Emergency ultrasound examinations should usually be restricted to those areas that are amenable to the type of limited, goal-directed examinations described in this chapter and textbooks on emergency ultrasonography. Any abnormality noted on a bedside examination that the examiner cannot explain should be evaluated with further testing with formal ultrasound or another imaging modality. Many potential applications have been proposed, but only a half-dozen emergency department (ED) applications are firmly established as a major contribution to daily ED practice ( Tableii2.9.5i1). The first four of these are life-threatening, time-sensitive conditions for which the bedside ultrasound examination provides rapid, easily interpreted information that is often unavailable in a timely manner by any other means. The other two applications, for suspected obstructive renal disease and acute gallbladder pathology, are ordinarily not acutely life-threatening but are so common and so amenable to ultrasound studies that they have gained widespread acceptance as primary indications. Other potential applications, which are not reviewed in detail in this chapter, include determination of urinary bladder postvoid residual volume, soft-tissue foreign-body of deep venous thrombosis (DVT) evaluation, detection, soft-tissue abscess evaluation, and vascular access.

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