Pulmonary Imaging

Janet M. Poponick

Plain.. Radiography

Ventilatipn-PerfMsipn Scans puimona.ry.. Angiography Computed Tomography Transthoracic EchQcard..io.grap!hy Chest Ultrasonography Transesophageal Echocardiogram Chapter References

Imaging of the chest is common practice in the emergent evaluation of patients with dyspnea, chest pain, or trauma. This chapter reviews the indications and limitations of various techniques useful in emergency medicine, including the plain chest radiograph, ventilation-perfusion scans, computed tomography, and echocardiography. The value of a study depends on the technical quality of the procedure and the ability of the physician to interpret the image. Although many studies and findings may have excellent interobserver reliability, others do not. Thus, clinical decisions should be based on knowledge of the value and limitations of image interpretation.

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