Radiation Injuries

Pamela L. Piggott Introduction jnçidençe. Of.Eadiation Accidents

Fundamentals o.f.,Radi.a.tio.n... Physics Nonionizing., and, .ionizing.. . Radiation

Biological, Effect ..o,f.Ion.lzin.g, ..Radiation

Types. .oLIonizing. Radiation

Units. ofMeasure


RadiationAccident. Preparation

Em.e,rgen.cY, ..Pepaitmeni ..Notification

Triage .and...Treatment .Philosophies Clinical Presentation and Management

Externally. Contaminated ..Patients internally ..Cont,aminated..Patients

Externally. Irradiated. Patients whole-Bo.dY. .Irra,diatio,n/Ac,ute .Radiation ..Syndrome

Prenatal . Exposures

Dose Reduction Techniques Sources ..of. Assistance Acknowledgment

Chapter. References

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