Section Twelve Infectious Diseases

13LSexMallY..Jrans.miti®d.l .Diseases

Dexter L. Morris

138..ioxic..Shock.SYndromel „andstreBtococsal. Toxic S,hock..S,Yn,drome

Shawna J. Perry, Ann L. Harwood-Nuss

139...HIV.!nfectio.n.l and AIDS

Richard E. Rothman, Gabor D. Kelen

Donna L. Carden

David J. Weber, David A. Wohl, William A. Rutala


Jeffrey D. Band

MLCommon .Parasitic.Infections

Harold H. Osborn

^.Food.borne.l and ..waterborne...Diseases

William T. Anderson

^..Infections.! from. Animals

John T. Meredith

146.So.ftl lissue.Jnfections

Steven G. Folstad

MLRe.p.orta.ble.l Jane H. Brice

!! .!n.feç.tli.on..contro.l,.l and ..Standard.. Precautions

Kathy J. Rinnert

!49.An.t,ibi0tiCS.l in ..the .EmergencY.l Department

James H. Bryan, Kenneth C. Dirk, Jonathan Jui

150.Com.mon .Viral ..Infe.ctions-.Jní, ..and...,H.e.rpe.syir.uses

Robert A. Brownstein

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