Soft Tissue Problems Of The Foot

Frantz R. Melio

Corns andCaMuses Pi.antar.wa.rts TineaPedis Onychomycosis

Onycho.crYPtosis (Ingro.wn.!)

OtherNail.. .Lesions


Plantar. .Fasciitis Tarsal. ..TunnelSyndrome

Ganqlions Tendon Lesions

Plantar .InterdiqitalNeuroma. .(Morton's. Neuroma)

Compartment Syndrome

Immersion.. Foot. (Trench. Foot)

Plantar Fibromatosis

Maliqnant Melanoma

Foot.. Lesions Indicative ..of. Disseminated Disease Chapter. References

In 1990 the National Center for Health Statistics conducted a National Health Interview Survey that included a list of the three most common podiatric problems: bunions, corns and calluses, and ingrown toenails. In response, 13.2 out of 1000 people reported being afflicted by bunions, 24.5 per 1000 with ingrown toenails, and 20 per 1000 with corns or calluses. Advanced age, poverty, and female gender were associated with increased risk for these diseases. It is thus apparent that chronic foot problems play an important role in U.S. health care.1 Patients with chronic or complicated foot problems generally should be referred to a dermatolgist, orthopedist, general surgeon, or podiatrist, depending on disease and local resources.

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