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Electrical shock during pregnancy is felt to be associated with potential fetal demise, as amniotic fluid is an excellent conductor of electricity. This belief was substantiated in a review of 15 published cases of electrical injury during pregnancy, with 11 resulting in fetal death. 10 However, this summation of published cases may represent publication bias. In a recent prospective observational study of 31 pregnant women who sustained electrical shock (28 to household current), 28 gave birth to normal healthy infants and only one sustained a spontaneous abortion. 11 Thus, although the risk may be low, it is advisable to observe pregnant patients for a short period after an electrical shock. In patients with a fetus that is over 24 weeks of gestational age, fetal monitoring should be performed during this observation. Auscultation of fetal heart tones and ultrasound evaluation of a fetus less than 24 weeks of age is recommended. In general, obstetric consultation should be obtained for an electrical shock involving household current.

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Pregnancy And Childbirth

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