Spinal Cord Injuries

Bonny J. Baron Thomas M. Scalea

Epidemiology Functiona!,,Anatomy

Vertebrae Spinal Stability Thoracicand,, Lumbar, Spine Sacrumand, Coccyx SpinalCord


Spinal CordLesions

Anterior Cord Syndrome

Central CordSyndrpme Brown.-Seguard.Syndrome

Cauda Equina,Syndrome Mechanism,—Injury

Blunt injury Falls


Prehospital „Care ED„ Stabilization

Diaqnostic, Imaging Treatment Coiiico^steroids

Penetrating „Muiy

Nonoperative, Spinal, Stabilization

Operat„iye,„Manags.ms„n.t.„ oLSpj.n.e.J.niu.nes

Age Considerations



Chapter,, References

Spinal injuries are probably the most devastating of all trauma-related injuries. Treatment of multiple associated injuries often supersedes definitive management of spinal injuries. Emergency physicians must prioritize management yet not lose sight of the potential ramifications of spinal trauma. Stabilization of primary injury and prevention of secondary injury are the goals in order to optimize final outcome.

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