TABLE 103 Essential Drugs

Recently, systems based on a direct measurement of a patient's length have been developed for estimating dosages and selecting equipment in pediatric emergencies (see Table 10.-3)9 In children, length has a direct correlation with weight. It has also been shown to be one of the most accurate predictors of correct equipment sizes for pediatric patients, especially endotracheal tube sizes. The use of a length-based system is currently included in the American Heart Association's Pediatric Advanced Life Support Course (PALS). These systems use a tape to assist making appropriate selections. Most tapes are two sided and display emergency resuscitation drug dosage and equipment selection based on length (see Fig 10.-1, Fig 1.0-2 and Fig 10-3). Fluid volumes for resuscitation as well as appropriate basic life support techniques are often also displayed. To make optimal use of these systems, emergency personnel must be able to find the proper equipment rapidly. Equipment can be stored in shelves or drawers labeled by age and weight, or a system of color codes can be used in which color-coded shelves, carts, or equipment organizers correspond to specific length categories.



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FIG. 10-2. Equipment side of the Broselow Resuscitation Tape. One of seven color equipment zones.

FIG. 10-3. Drug side of the Broselow Resuscitation Tape. One of 25 precalculated weight zones for resuscitation drugs.

The pharmacology of resuscitation drugs has been well described in other chapters (see Chap 25), but a few peculiarities pertain to pediatric resuscitation drug use.

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