TABLE 1045 Treatment of Genital Herpes

The safety of acyclovir and valacyclovir during pregnancy has not been established. In pregnant patients with life-threatening disease, such as encephalitis, pneumonitis, or hepatitis, intravenous acyclovir should be used. It should not be used for recurrent episodes or as suppressive therapy. Pregnant women treated with the drug should be reported to the Glaxo-Wellcome registry, which is kept in cooperation with the CDC (1-800-722-9292, extension 38465). Current registry findings do not indicate an increased risk for major birth defects after acyclovir treatment.2,3.,!2

Systemic analgesics may be needed. Some patients have severe dysuria when the urine comes in contact with vaginal and vulvar tissues. Pouring warm water over these tissues during urination may provide symptomatic relief.1213

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