TABLE 1482 Droplet Spread Infectious Diseases

As with standard precautions, utilization of previously described techniques for hand washing, glove, face mask and eye protection or face shield, gown, equipment and linen, environmental controls, and workplace controls applies. Patients should be placed in a private room. Special air handling and ventilation are not required, and the door may remain open. If a private room is not available, the patient may be placed in a room with other patients who have active infections with the same microorganism (i.e., cohorting). When this is not achievable, maintain spatial separation of at least 3 ft between the infected patient and other patients and visitors. Patient transportation should be limited to essential procedures only. Patients who must be moved to other areas of the hospital for testing and procedures should don face masks to minimize the dispersal of droplets. Health care personnel should observe standard precautions and wear face masks when working within 3 ft of the patient.

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