TABLE 1752 Common Caustic Compounds

Household caustics are common, and many are less concentrated forms of industrial strength cleansers. Alkali caustics found in the home include sodium hydroxide in drain cleaners, oven cleaners, and Clinitest tablets (Table 17.5-2). Caustic ammonium compounds are found in glass, tub, and tile cleaners. Household bleach

(sodium hypochlorite) is the most common alkali exposure reported in AAPCC data, accounting for more than 50,000 exposures per year. Most bleach exposures are benign, but 44 patients reported in the 1996 data suffered major morbidity. Common household acids include sulfuric acid in drain cleaners and automobile batteries, hydrochloric acid in cleaners, formic acid in airplane glue, and hydrofluoric acid in rust removers.

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