TABLE 2129 Laboratory Evaluation of Patients with von Willebrands Disease

A variety of tests are used to establish the diagnosis of vWD. Coagulation screening tests will show a normal PT, normal TCT, and usually normal aPTT, although it may be prolonged in moderate or severe vWD due to the decreased factor VIII activity. The other tests used in the evaluation of vWD are outlined in T.a.b!e..,.2..1..2..-.?. The diagnosis of vWD can be difficult to establish because of variability in test results. Oftentimes, patients have to be tested repeatedly when there is a high index of suspicion in order to establish the diagnosis. The tests can be affected by estrogens, progesterones, oral contraceptive agents, thyroid disease, infections, and exercise.

Based on the results of testing, patients with vWD can be classified into three main types, outlined in lablegl^-IO. There are many subtypes that are clinically unimportant.

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