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The hospital may also interact with utility companies, the military, the local American Red Cross, the Salvation Army, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the National Disaster Medical System, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention during a disaster.

Medical planning for disasters in the community is usually the responsibility of local EMS councils. 46 Such councils include representatives from the local ambulance services, the fire department, and other nonmedical and government agencies as well as the physician EMS director. Physicians involved in community disaster planning must be familiar with the local EMS communications and treatment protocols.5

The hospital must develop its external disaster plan in conjunction with other emergency facilities in the community. For example, prearranged mutual aid agreements with hospitals outside the immediate area ensure that patients are cared for when hospital capacities are exceeded. Plans should also be made for referral to area tertiary centers and special units (e.g., burn, spinal cord, and pediatric trauma centers).

Hospital disaster planners should anticipate that information about specific hazards (e.g., chemicals and radiation), expert personnel (e.g., poison control), and special supplies (e.g., antidotes) not readily available may be needed in a particular disaster situation. Plans should consider how to rapidly access these resources and how to obtain additional shelter, food, and water if necessary.

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