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The Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS) was developed as a standardized scoring system allowing reliable interobserver neurologic assessment of patients with head injuries.10 An accurate GCS score can only be obtained after resuscitation. A GCS during the initial resuscitation phase has limitations and may be artificially low. The postresuscitation GCS is used to categorize the severity of traumatic brain injuries and is based upon three factors: eye opening, verbal function, and motor function

(I§b!e247:1). The best response in a stabilized patient from each area is added for a score that ranges from 3 to 15. The GCS for intubated patients cannot be assessed for verbal response, and paralyzed patients cannot be assessed for any of the three categories. The following recommendations are based on nonintubated, nonsedated postresuscitation GCS. A GCS of less than 9 is considered a severe TBI, moderate is 9 to l3, and mild is 14 to 15.

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