The Injury Control Model

More than a century after yellow fever was controlled by targeting the vector of transmission, Haddon's work demonstrated that many injuries can be controlled by broadening our traditional emphasis on acute care and rehabilitation to include preventive efforts. Injury control draws on the expertise of many disciplines, including epidemiology, prevention, biomechanics, acute care, rehabilitation, law, and public administration. Prevention is attempted whenever practical. When prevention is not enough, acute care can minimize further damage from major trauma. After the victim is stabilized, long-term outcomes can be enhanced by optimal rehabilitation.

Haddon's approach was first applied to great effect in the control of deaths and injuries due to car crashes. Prior to his work, the Federal government poured millions of dollars into costly and largely ineffective media campaigns directed to the driver. Little progress occurred until the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration mandated changes in the design of motor vehicles, as well as the creation of safer roadways and driving environment. (See " Engineering" below.)4

These efforts produced one of the greatest public health achievements of this century. While the number of vehicle miles traveled in the United States has risen annually, today's crash fatality rate is less than one-third that of 1950. If the United States had not launched and maintained its highway traffic safety initiative, the annual toll of motor vehicle crash-related deaths, injuries, and costs would be thousands of lives and billions of dollars higher than it is today.

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