Thoracic And Lumbar Pain Syndromes

Paul J.W. Tawney Cara B. Siegel Myron M. LaBan




Pathophysiologyand Clinical Features


Three-Joint ComplexDegeneration Sacroiliac, Joint „Disease Radiculopathy othercausesof Lumbar, „Pain Diagnosis

Physical „Examination Addressing „Red,, Flags

Observation, and „Regionai„B,ack „Examination Neurologic Screening Testing„ „ for „ „ Muscle „ „ Strength

Clinical „Tests,„fo„r„Sciati,c Tension Inconsistent „FindiMs^andPMnBebavior

DiagnostjcStudies Treatment Patient Education Medication Physical „Methods

AHCPR „GMiidMi.n.esJo.L A.C.t.iV.i,t.yM „Limitations Referral

Chapter References

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