Thoracic Trauma

William M. Bowling Robert F. Wilson Gabor D. Kelen Timothy G. Buchman


Chest Wall, Bronchi, Lungs, and Diaphragm Initial Resuscitation, Ai.rway.Control, a.nd.VntNatio" InitialSurvey




Diagnosis., of.Thoracic.Injuries

Injuryjo, .the,.. Chest. .Wall .the. Lungs

TracheobronchialInjury Diaphragmatic..Injury Heart

Great...Vessels.. ofthe, .Chest Penetrating ...T,ia,u.m,a

Blunt. .Jrauma, the,..Great..Vessiels.. ofthe. .Chest

Special .Considerations.. .ini..Less...F,re,q,u,e,nt „Great. ..VesselInjuries

Esophaqeal.and .Thoracic ..DuctIniuries EsophaqealInjuries

ThoracicDuct... Inj.uries Chapter.. References

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