The term toxidrome refers to the collection of signs and symptoms that are observed after an exposure to a substance (a toxic "fingerprint"). Toxidromes include grouped, physiologically based abnormalities of vital signs, general appearance, skin, eyes, mucous membranes, lungs, heart, abdomen, and neurologic examination that are known for many substances and typically helpful in establishing a diagnosis when the exposure is not well defined ( T.a.ble.,J.,51:.2). Similarly, certain clinical findings may narrow the etiologic possibilities (Table 1,51-3).

Eyes Toxidromes
Dieting Dilemma and Skinny Solutions

Dieting Dilemma and Skinny Solutions

The captivating thing about diets is that you don't get what is researched or predicted or calculated but rather, you get precisely what you expect. If the diet resonates with you then it will likely work, if it doesn't resonate, it won't.

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