Trauma Resuscitation Priorities

The priorities in managing children with traumatic injuries do not differ greatly from that of injured adults (see Chap.243). However, as with nontraumatic resuscitation, emphasis is placed upon airway management and the recognition and treatment of shock. Injuries and conditions that require immediate lifesaving intervention are treated during the primary survey (Table.., All other conditions are identified and managed during the secondary survey.

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TABLE 244-1 Primary Survey Goals

A team approach will help to minimize confusion during the initial resuscitation. Tasks for individual members of the team include airway management, cervical spine stabilization, intravascular line placement, assessment of the child by system, and preparation and administration of mediations and fluids. A team leader not directly involved in patient care can facilitate the overall management of the patient because that person is not dedicated to a particular task.

Dealing With Back Pain

Dealing With Back Pain

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