Window and Level

+305) would be used to center the gray scale toward higher-density tissues ( Fig.,296-3).

FIG. 296-2. CT windows. A. Mediastinal window. Note that the mediastinal anatomy is well shown; no lung detail can be seen. Note also the following structures: A, aorta; S, superior vena cava; and P, pulmonary artery. B. Lung window. Note that the vascular anatomy of the lungs is now well seen.

FIG. 296-3. A and B. The same CT scan at different window and level settings. A posterior wall fracture of the left acetabulum is shown at settings for bone (A) and at settings for soft tissue (B). The wider window and higher level of the bone settings enable better visualization of bone detail but make all soft tissue structures nearly the same shade of gray. Soft tissue settings allow examination for hemarthrosis and adjacent soft tissue hematoma.

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