Wrist Injuries

Harold W. Chin Dennis T. Uehara


CMnica! Assessment


Ligamentous, Injuries Scapholunate.Ligament.Instabilit.y

Triquetrojunate Ligament Instability

Perilunate, and „LunateDisJocatiSns

Carpal.Bone „Fractures Scaphoid Fracture

Lunate.Fracture Trapezium Fracture

Pisiform , Fracture Hamate„,Fracture Capitate, „Fracture Trape.zoid^FractM.re

Distal, Radius andUlnaFractures


Smith's „Fracture

Radial Styloid Fracture

Ulnar „ „Styloid, „ Fracture Radioulnar, Disruption


The wrist comprises the area from the distal radius and ulna to the carpometacarpal joints. It is a complex unit with articulations among eight carpal bones and the distal radius and ulna. Injuries to this area are common and diagnosis is often difficult. An understanding of the functional anatomy, mechanics of injury, and clinical assessment is needed for proper diagnosis and treatment.

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