Zoonoses Acquired From Household Pets

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It is estimated that there are more than 110 million dogs and cats, with 70 percent of all households in the United States having these pets. Additionally, up to 20

percent of all households have a pet bird, and more than 20 million homes have an aquarium.53 There are more than 30 significant human diseases acquired from household pets.30 Dogs and cats are the two most common household pets in North America and account for the majority of these zoonotic infections. Small rodents, pet birds, reptiles, and aquarium fish account for only a fraction of the zoonotic infections in the United States ( T.aMe 14.5i8J.53 Interestingly, though pet owners often have close contact with their pets, pet-acquired zoonoses are infrequent and not often recognized. Yet these infections have a very diverse etiology and encompass parasitic, bacterial, rickettsial, and fungal infections.

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