Changing Your Lifestyle When You Have Endometriosis

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^ Living well despite endometriosis ^ Making changes in your work life ^ Lowering the stress in your life ^ Taking in the good, leaving out the bad ^ Getting up and exercising ^ Detoxing your world ^ Adding some spice to your sex life f

■ n a perfect world, you wouldn't have the inconvenience of endometriosis — but in the real world, you do. However, having endometriosis doesn't have to mean the end of life for you. For the most part, you don't really want to change your life completely. Maybe you're fairly happy with it the way it is. And if you aren't completely happy with your life, you may feel too overwhelmed to make any significant changes.

However, change can be good, even if you're happy with your life the way it is. And if you're too busy or don't know where to start making some lifestyle changes, don't worry. This chapter can help you analyze your lifestyle a bit more closely.

Finding the right job, decreasing your stress, and improving your sex life may not make you forget your endometriosis, but they can add to your life in a way you didn't think was possible. Even little choices like eating right and exercising regularly can change your outlook on life (and even help reduce the pain). In this chapter, we're your cheerleaders, encouraging you to make some positive changes that can help decrease the hold endometriosis has on your life.

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51 Tips for Dealing with Endometriosis

51 Tips for Dealing with Endometriosis

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