Endometriosis in Your Brain Rare but Possible

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The idea of endometriosis ending up in the place farthest from its initial source may sound impossible, but it's true — endometriosis can, in rare cases, end up in your brain. (So no matter what some people think, endometriosis is definitely not just in your head.) Obviously, more than retrograde menstruation must send endometrial tissue all the way up to your head, so endometrial tissue must arrive there via one of the other theories of endometriosis transmission. (See Chapter 4 for the theories on how endometriosis travels all over your body.)

Cerebellar endometriosis, or endometriosis in your brain, can cause headaches, seizures, or, in very rare cases, bleeding in the brain. The diagnosis may be aided by CAT scan or MRI. A spinal tap (placing a small needle into your back to get spinal fluid out) may show blood or endometrial cells. Cases of endometriosis in the brain are rare, so standard treatments don't exist. Brain removal usually isn't an option! Most of the time, doctors prescribe medical treatments, such as hormone-suppressing drugs (see Chapter 10) to decrease symptoms.

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