Endometriosis in Your Lungs Coughing Chest Pain and Breathing Problems

Endometriosis in your lungs isn't common, and it can be really hard to diagnose because your doctor won't think of it when you come in coughing up blood. You may not even think to tell him you're having your period, and he's unlikely to ask.

Diagnosing endometriosis in the lungs, or thoracic endometriosis, requires an inquiring mind. Even if you know you have endometriosis elsewhere, you may think that relating it to your lung problems is too far fetched. Thoracic endometriosis can cause many different symptoms, all seemingly unrelated to your pelvis. But suspecting thoracic endometriosis is the first step to diagnosing it, and you may be more likely to make the connection than your doctor, especially after reading this book.

Thoracic endometriosis causes different symptoms, depending on the location of the lesions. Endometriosis can be either in the lung tissue (the parenchymal tissue), or in the lining of the lung (the pleural tissue). Endometriosis is about five times more common in the pleura than in the parenchymal tissue.

This section looks at how endometriosis manifests itself in the different lung tissues and how your doctor can diagnose endometriosis in your lungs.

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