Endometriosis Is a Career Womans Disease

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The concept of endometriosis being a career woman's disease is an old wives' tale based on the premise that only driven, Type-A personalities got endometriosis. This myth is a twisted version of "it's all in your head," but it adds the dig, "You brought this problem on yourself by being a driven career woman." The attitude probably gained credence when career women started trying to get pregnant at a later age than traditional homemakers. If the older woman had trouble getting pregnant, endometriosis was often the cause.

In fact, no relationship has ever been proven; women from every socioeconomic and racial group can have endometriosis, whether they're working in the office or at home (check out Chapter 1 for more statistics about who gets endometriosis).

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51 Tips for Dealing with Endometriosis

51 Tips for Dealing with Endometriosis

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