Intrauterine Insemination IUI

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) may help you get pregnant more easily by putting the sperm a little closer to the egg. The journey for sperm is long and arduous, and sperm aren't particularly bright. Only 50 percent of a good sperm sample knows how to swim forward. Most sperm in any sample are imperfect and have serious problems; they may

Lack tails

Swim in circles

Have funny-shaped heads

Not ask for directions (typical male trait!)

Not be able to take a joke m

IUI may offer an advantage in infertility because it weeds out the poorer sperm and, ideally, puts only the best swimmers much closer to the target. With any luck, all the bad stuff around the tubes and ovary (endotoxins, white blood cells, and the like) won't affect these macho sperm.

IUI often takes place in conjunction with OI or controlled ovarian hyperstimulation. (See "What's involved with IVF?" later in this chapter for more information on this treatment.) Egg-stimulating medications help multiple eggs to

Grow and stimulate an egg to mature properly

Overcome some of the negative effects that endometriosis has on egg development fc\NG/

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