Whats the downside of IVF

So, you're thinking IVF is the perfect way to get pregnant, right? Unfortunately, IVF isn't a bed of roses leading you to dirty diapers, empty bottles, and bundles of joy. You do need to consider the following cons before deciding if IVF is right for you:

1 Cost: IVF is very expensive, and not all insurance companies cover the cost.

1 No guarantee of success: Your chances of pregnancy may be 50 percent or less.

1 Emotional strain: Undergoing IVF can be stressful and frustrating, particularly if you have to do more than one cycle.

1 Time consuming: Frequent doctor's visits and tests can take a tremendous amount of time away from work and family.

1 Possible ethical and religious questions: Many people have ethical concerns about the manipulation of eggs and sperm in a laboratory.

The bottom line on IVF is that some women can't get pregnant without it. If you're one of them, it's worth every penny and all the emotional turmoil. Unfortunately, not even IVF can get everyone pregnant, which can be devastating after such a huge emotional and financial outlay.

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