Tumors with Eccrine Differentiation

Eccrine hidrocystoma is bluish in color and cystic in consistency (33-35) (Fig. 11). £

The most common location is around the eyelids of middle-aged women. Some c tumors may show an increase in size during summer when sweat production is increased. Histopathological examination demonstrates a cystic cavity lined with a >3 double layer of cuboidal epithelial cells with eosinophilic cytoplasm.

Syringoma (36) usually presents as multiple, bilateral, skin-colored papules o around the eyelids (Fig. 12) but chest, neck, and distal extremities may also be §

involved. Women are more frequently affected than men and familial aggregation @

Figure 11 Cystic bluish papule on the eyelid corresponds to an eccrine hidrocystoma.
Figure 12 Syringomas presenting as multiple skin-colored papules on the eyelids of a young woman. Her mother and brother have similar lesions.

is possible. On histological examination there are multiple small, irregular, cleftlike glandular spaces within the dermis (Fig. 13). The spaces are lined with a double layer of epithelium and tangential cutting gives the characteristic tadpole-like appearance.

Eccrine poroma (37) is usually single and affects the palms or soles. The lesions are pink or red, sessile or pedunculated nodules with a surrounding moat (Fig. 14). On histopathological examination there are broad anastomosing bands of small and uniform cells replacing the epidermis and forming ductlike structures.

Eccrine spiradenoma (38) usually affects young adults of both genders in any location. It presents as a solitary intradermal nodule measuring 1-2 cm in diameter. Lesions may be tender or painful. Histopathological examination demonstrates well-demarcated, sometimes encapsulated dermal lobules with two types of cells. Cells in the periphery have small dark nuclei and represent undifferentiated cells. Central cells have a large pale nucleus and are located around small lumina.

Clear cell hidradenoma appears as a cyst or intradermal nodule measuring between 0.5 and 2.0 cm. Both men and women are affected equally. Location is vari- »

able. On histological examination the tumor consists of lobular masses composed of cells with clear cytoplasm. Cystic spaces and lumina lined by cuboidal or columnar d secretory cells are present.

Chondroid syringoma (39,40) is rare, usually solitary, and occurs predomi- |

nantly on the head and neck. It is a firm, intradermal, or subcutaneous nodule. Histopathological examination shows tubular lumina embedded in abundant mucoid stroma containing fibroblasts and chondrocytes.

Figure 14 Eccrine poroma of the foot. The lesion is an erythematous sessile nodule with surrounding moat.
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