Assume The Position

Certain sexual positions may make it more likely that you will become pregnant. The missionary position is sexual intercourse with the man on top. This position is probably the best to boost fertility because it allows deep penetration and sperm is deposited closest to the cervix.

A good alternate position is the rear entry approach. With the man behind you, this position allows for deep penetration with semen depositing close to your cervix.

When sex is over and ejaculation has occurred, try to keep any semen from leaking out of your vagina for a while. Many women say that reclining on their back with hips elevated for about 15 minutes is an effective technique.

100 Pregnancy Tips

100 Pregnancy Tips

Prior to planning pregnancy, you should learn more about the things involved in getting pregnant. It involves carrying a baby inside you for nine months, caring for a child for a number of years, and many more. Consider these things, so that you can properly assess if you are ready for pregnancy. Get all these very important tips about pregnancy that you need to know.

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