Body Weight

Being overweight by even 10 to 15 percent above normal can overload your body with estrogen. This extra estrogen is produced within the fatty tissue and can dramatically change your hormone balance. In many cases, obese women ovulate irregularly, if at all.

Lack of body fat may also result in irregular periods and infertility. A woman who is underweight by 10 to 15 percent has less fat storage and therefore less estrogen. Although it may vary from woman to woman, most medical experts agree that a woman needs a body fat content of approximately 22 percent to allow for the normal hormonal balance and subsequent ovulation process. This topic is covered in more depth in Chapter 5.

Gaining Weight 101

Gaining Weight 101

Find out why long exhausting workouts may do more harm than good. Most of the body-building workout and diet regimens out there are designed for the guys that gain muscle and fat easily. They focus on eating less and working out more in order to cut the excess fat from their bodies while adding needed muscle tone.

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