Many people believe that cloning should be differentiated into separate categories. For example, reproductive cloning is performed to exactly duplicate an existing animal. Many medical ethicists find this procedure to be morally wrong, as it disregards the sanctity of human life. On the other hand, therapeutic cloning is done to harvest stem cells from early embryos for the purpose of curing disease and helping others. Even with the potential benefit of replacing diseased organs and curing disease, some people still find this type of cloning to be morally wrong.

The results of a 2006 poll conducted by International Communications Research concluded that:

• 83 percent of Americans are opposed to human cloning to provide children for infertile couples

• 81 percent are opposed to human cloning to produce embryos that would be destroyed in medical research

Similar polls conducted in recent years confirm that the American public is concerned about the moral issues of cloning. Given the current state of opinions, it is doubtful that cloning will become a popular method of fertility treatment in the near future.

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