Of course, most women don't relish the idea of taking fertility medications. They are expensive and often have various unpleasant side effects. That said, isn't it good to know that a variety of effective and safe medications are available? Almost certainly one or more of them will suit your needs and enable you to become pregnant. Hopefully, this chapter has provided you with the knowledge to understand what's available and some pros and cons for each medication. Ask your fertility specialist how these medications might be used for your particular situation. By working together, you can hopefully anticipate and minimize side effects and fully benefit from what these medications have to offer you.

Pregnancy Nutrition

Pregnancy Nutrition

Are You Expecting? Find Out Everything You Need to Know About Pregnancy and Nutrition Without Having to Buy a Dictionary. This book is among the first books to be written with the expertise of a medical expert and from the viewpoint of the average, everyday, ordinary,

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