Both the surrogate and the intended parents should undergo psychological counseling.

The surrogate should undergo a complete psychological evaluation to make sure that she is up to the physical and emotional demands of surrogacy. It's also important for the surrogate to be able to cope with any attachment issues that she may develop with the fetus. She will also need to know how to deal with the impact of this pregnancy on her own children, spouse, family, friends, and coworkers. Of course, she'll also benefit from guidelines on managing a relationship with you, the intended parents.

You and your partner can also benefit from counseling. Work with the counselor and the surrogate to determine what type of relationship you would like to maintain.

If you don't already know each other, you and the surrogate should become better acquainted. You'll both want to feel comfortable with one another. After all, surrogacy involves a large degree of trust. Enter into this arrangement only if both sides feel comfortable with the arrangements.

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