Does Iui Hurt And What Are The Risks

Most women say that IUI is fairly painless and compare it to having a Pap smear. Some women note that after the procedure they have cramping, which usually goes away with a mild pain reliever.

Risks are usually infrequent with the IUI procedure, but you need to be aware that they could occur. Risks include:

• Multiple pregnancy

• Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS)

Infection with a bacteria or virus could occur during the IUI procedure, from contaminated equipment, catheter, or the sperm itself.

If you are using fertility medication to induce ovulation, you have an increased risk of multiple pregnancy. Multiple pregnancies tend to have higher rates of miscarriage, low birth weight babies, and greater social difficulties. Therefore, if your doctor notices more than three maturing follicles on ultrasound prior to the procedure, the IUI may be canceled for that treatment cycle.

Ovulation-induction fertility medication also places you at an increased risk to develop OHSS. This is a potentially serious complication, where the ovaries become overstimulated and enlarged, resulting in pain and a collection of fluid in your abdomen and chest. (For a more detailed discussion of OHSS, see Chapter 6.) If your doctor suspects OHSS, the IUI will be canceled for that treatment cycle.

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