Ethical Considerations and Decision Making

The study of ethics refers to a set of moral principles and values and is concerned with the basic principles of right and wrong, good and bad. Your own standards of ethics may come from or be influenced by an individual, a professional organization, a culture, or a religion.

Of all the various fields of medicine, the specialty of fertility is brimming with many unanswered ethical questions and concerns. Some people view the field of fertility as "playing God" because it is able to help create human life, using unnatu

ral techniques. Others believe that this technology has been made available to us for a reason and that we should use it to the best of our abilities.

The way that you view the many ethical considerations of fertility will have to do with your own experiences and outlook on life. It will also probably include your principles based on your education, religion, and culture as well as viewpoints of family and friends.

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