External Male Reproductive Organs

The external male reproductive organs consist of the penis and two testicles. The two testicles are located in a sac called the scrotum. When a male baby is born, his penis is fully formed and his testicles have usually descended from his pelvis and into the scrotum.


The penis is located on the outside of the male pubic region. It comprises three muscular bundles. During sexual excitement, these tissues become engorged with blood and expand. This causes the penis to become erect and firm. At the peak of sexual excitement, the man usually ejaculates semen from the opening at the tip of his penis.

The penis serves two primary functions: to provide an outlet for urination and to provide an outlet for the release of sperm. By fortunate design, these two functions cannot happen at the same time because of specially designed valves.


The two testicles are egg-shaped glands held within the scrotum. The scrotum is located underneath the penis and hangs outside of the body cavity. The testicles should hang outside of the body cavity to optimize sperm production because sperm production is most effective when performed at slightly below body temperature. Unfortunately, placement of the scrotum outside of the body cavity puts the testicles at greater risk for injury. Therefore, the testicles should be protected with a jockstrap or protective cup during sports or other strenuous activities.

The testicles serve two primary functions: the production of the hormone testosterone and the production of sperm. The testicles are sometimes referred to as counterparts to the woman's ovaries. That's because the testicles produce sperm, which is the sexual equivalent to the woman's ovaries containing eggs.

The production of sperm begins in the testicles. The early sperm cells are rather primitive and are not fully formed. They begin their maturing process within the testicles and continue to develop there for about two weeks. At that time, they move on to a nearby structure called the epididymis, where they develop further.

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