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Fertility specialists usually prefer to work with both partners. Therefore, no matter what your female fertility testing indicates, most men will also be evaluated for their own fertility. A key difference, however, is that if the male partner requires surgical treatment, he will probably be referred to a urologist (a doctor who specializes in the urinary tract).

It's not surprising to discover that male fertility testing is typically much simpler and straightforward than a woman's. Part of that is because most of the male reproductive organs are located outside of the body. Another component is that male hormones are usually steadier and not subject to the monthly cyclic changes that women undergo.

During your first appointment, the fertility specialist will ask you and your partner about your medical conditions, medications, lifestyle choices, and family history. Focus may be placed on identifying certain fertility risk factors, such as a history of mumps, undescended testicles, STD infections, urological surgery, or exposure to toxins.

Additionally, most men will undergo several basic tests and procedures during a fertility evaluation. Some of these tests and procedures may not be indicated for your situation at all.

Following are descriptions of a variety of tests and procedures that you may encounter during your fertility evaluation.

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