Gonadotropin Releasing Hormone GnRH Antagonists Cetrotide Ganirelix

This is a relatively new class of medications used as part of your IVF or other assisted reproductive program. The purpose of this medication is exactly the same as GnRHa, to suppress your own body's hormones. Also as in the case of GnRHa, once your natural hormones have been suppressed, another medication (gonadotro-pins) will be given to induce ovulation. Using this protocol, the fertility specialist is able to precisely control the reproductive hormones and ovulation, thereby making conception more likely.

Increasing numbers of doctors are now using a GnRH antagonist instead of a GnRHa. That's because GnRH antagonists work faster and are often more effective in shutting down a woman's natural hormones. Talk with your doctor to find out which category of medication would best suit your individual situation.

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