Gonadotropins Follistim GonalF Bravelle [FSH and Repronex Menopur [FSH and LH

Depending upon your particular medical circumstance, your specialist may recommend a stronger category of medication to induce ovulation: gonadotropins. The purpose in using a gonadotropin is to stimulate ovulation and encourage follicle development to produce more eggs.

Several types of gonadotropins are available. The most commonly used gonado-tropin is man-made (from recombinant DNA technology) in a laboratory and is identical to your body's natural FSH. Examples of recombinant gonadotropins are Follistim and Gonal-F.

The other category is called urinary-based gonadotropins because these medications are made from the purified urine of menopausal women. Urinary-based gonadotropins fall into two types. The first type is almost as pure as the recombinant FSH and is sold under the brand name of Bravelle. The second type comprises nearly equal parts of FSH and LH. Brand-name examples of this type of gonadotro-pin are Repronex and Menopur. Some doctors prefer the pure FSH product, whereas others believe that LH helps the ovulation process.



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