How Do Aspirin And Heparin Work

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If you have had prior miscarriages, they possibly were caused by a blood-clotting problem. Aspirin and heparin are both able to thin your blood and help to prevent the formation of blood clots.

Women with antiphospholipid syndrome (see Chapter 2) possess an increased tendency to form clots within their blood vessels. This is especially troublesome during pregnancy when clotting problems occur within the placenta. This places the baby at risk and increases the chance of miscarriage and/or stillbirth. Aspirin therapy reduces these risks by maintaining good placental blood flow between the mother and fetus.

When heparin is added to the treatment regimen, the blood-thinning properties are increased, because heparin works by interfering with your blood's natural clotting abilities, resulting in blood that is less sticky and can't bind together as easily.

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