How Do I Take Gonadotropins

Gonadotropins are given to you by injection. Depending on your particular situation, the injections begin early in your menstrual cycle, usually about cycle day 2 or 3. (Remember that day 1 is the first day of normal bleeding.) Depending on your blood work and ultrasounds, you will typically receive injections for seven or more days.

If you are taking the recombinant form of gonadotropin, the injections can be given subcutaneously—that is, directly below the skin surface. That's because recombinant gonadotropins contain very few impurities and are unlikely to result in a skin reaction.

Urinary-based gonadotropins usually are injected deeper and into the muscle, because they sometimes contain irritants that could cause a skin rash.

No matter what type of gonadotropin you are taking, your doctor may recommend a deeper, muscular injection if your body mass index is greater than 30. The purpose of this is to maximize the absorption of the medication.

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