How Do I Take Parlodel

Parlodel is taken orally as either a capsule or tablet. Take your pills at approximately the same time every day. That's because Parlodel works by sending hormonal messages to your pituitary gland and you want to time these messages as best you can to maximize the benefit.

Most doctors recommend that you take Parlodel with food to avoid stomach upset. Depending on how your body responds, your doctor may adjust your dosage. Occasionally, your doctor may recommend that you take this medication vaginally. The reason for this is to minimize any potential side effects.

It typically takes several months to get the dosage just right and have your prolactin levels return to normal. Once your prolactin level is within the normal range, you will begin to have normal menstrual cycles and begin to ovulate regularly again. If recommended by your physician, you can continue to take Parlodel for a prolonged period of time, even several years if necessary.

When you become pregnant, you should stop taking Parlodel and notify your doctor right away.

100 Pregnancy Tips

100 Pregnancy Tips

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