Moderate exercise is an important component of your general good health. Along with a well-balanced diet, a reasonable exercise program may increase your chances of conceiving. It may also allow you to enjoy a more comfortable and healthful pregnancy.

It's always advisable to discuss your plans with your doctor before beginning any exercise program. That's because your current physical conditioning and activity level will play a role in your choice of exercise and the intensity of your exercise program. In most situations, even the most out-of-shape woman can begin a light, sensible exercise plan during the preconception period. In most cases, you can continue the exercise regimen once you become pregnant.

Exercises that are considered ideal for pregnancy include walking, swimming, and pregnancy yoga. Certainly, pregnancy is not the time to partake in rigorous sports, such as skiing, skating, or horseback riding. That's because you'll want to avoid potential injuries that could result from high-impact, jumpy, jarring motions.

Moderate exercise is a good way to naturally boost your fertility. Exercise helps to burn off excess body fat and allows hormones to reach a proper hormonal balance. When done just a few times per week, pregnancy-friendly exercises can help you better control your weight and prepare for the physical demands of childbirth. But be careful and don't overdo it! Too much exercising may reduce your body fat, cause your hormones to get out of whack, and actually impair your fertility.

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