Lesbian Couples

The increasing number of lesbian couples choosing to bring children into their relationship represents a growing trend. They are now finding greater acceptance in society and are often part of a supportive community. It's only natural that this public acceptance has made sharing a pregnancy together a more feasible option.

As with any couple facing a pregnancy, one of you may feel more ready and enthusiastic than the other. You must be able to openly communicate your thoughts and emotions so that you can reach a sound decision together. You'll want to share and enjoy this experience together. Participate in the planning and doctor visits together. Don't get so wrapped up in the baby preparation that you neglect your own relationship as a couple—enjoy each other and plan fun dates and activities.

You'll also have to deal with other difficulties that heterosexual couples don't usually face, such as finding a sperm donor willing to father your child. Friends, family, and coworkers may not greet your decision to have a baby with the same joy and response that they would for a traditional couple. Also, the coparenting relationship that you share may not be as legally protected as that of a married heterosexual couple. Because of this, many lawyers advise drawing up a legal agreement that clearly defines and protects your parenting roles.

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