• PGD is a technique done in conjunction with IVF. PGD is used for the early diagnosis of genetic disorders in developing embryos.

• To perform PGD, the lab embryologist removes one or two cells from the developing embryo and evaluates them for genetic content.

• The purpose of PGD is to select only healthy embryos for transfer back to the uterus during an ART procedure.

• Currently, scientists are only able to check for particular chromosomes that affect the embryo's health; thus only certain genetic disorders can be identified.

• You should be aware of the risks associated with PGD, but most people agree that the benefits outweigh the risks.

• Some fertility clinics will use PGD to select the sex of your embryo; however, the majority will not unless there is a medical reason to prefer a specific gender.

• There are numerous ethical concerns involving PGD.

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