Positive Actions You Can Take to Reduce the Chance of Early Pregnancy Loss

If you have experienced recurrent miscarriage or other pregnancy loss, you can still feel hopeful for your upcoming pregnancies. You may be able to improve your chances of having a successful pregnancy by taking certain positive actions, such as these:

• Undergo a complete medical workup before you try to get pregnant again. Work with your doctor to evaluate risk factors and causes of your past pregnancy loss.

• Take the prenatal vitamins and any other medication that have been prescribed by your doctor.

• Keep up a healthy lifestyle by eating sensible foods, exercising, and avoiding alcohol, tobacco, and illegal drugs.

• Plan your pregnancy, follow your menstrual cycle, and know when you are ovulating.

• If you think that you might be pregnant, see your doctor right away for an early diagnosis and evaluation.

• Remind your doctor of your past losses, and share your concerns and questions.

• Follow your doctor's orders, and be sure that he or she monitors your health and the pregnancy very closely.

100 Health Tips

100 Health Tips

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