Selecting A Surrogate

No matter which type of surrogacy arrangement you choose, you will need to select your surrogate. The surrogate may be someone you know, such as a close friend, a sister, or another relative, who is willing to carry the pregnancy for you. Sometimes the surrogate is someone you don't know but who has been identified through an agency. These agencies specialize in recruiting surrogates, prescreening them, and then matching them with the intended parents. Following are some criteria that you should consider when selecting your surrogate. You'll note that these criteria are similar to those used in selecting an egg or embryo donor. However, in the case of the surrogate, she must have a normal uterus and must have delivered a full-term infant in the past.

• She should undergo a diagnostic test to prove that she has a normal uterus.

• She should be at least 21 years old and already have delivered a full-term infant in the past.

• She should be healthy, not have any underlying medical conditions, and be able to pass a thorough physical examination.

• She should be tested and found to be negative for infectious diseases and STDs.

• She should have her blood drawn and tested, and her blood type should be noted.

• She should undergo a complete psychological evaluation.

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