Selecting Your Sperm Donor

Selecting your sperm donor is a pretty big step and can be very exciting, too. Most sperm banks offer a catalog of all their sperm donors. You can look through the listings and note the physical and intellectual characteristics of each potential donor. You may want to select someone who is very similar to you or your own male partner. Or you may want to focus on certain traits and talents that you hope your baby may inherit. Your doctor and fertility clinic will offer some guidelines about selecting the best sperm donor for you. In addition, here are some things for you to consider when selecting your sperm donor:

• How old is the donor? Sperm donors should be of legal age and ideally less than 40 years old. Although rare, some studies indicate that birth defects and chromosomal abnormalities may increase as a man ages. One such study was conducted at France's Hospital Caremeau in 2004 and published in Progres en Urologie. The researchers concluded that there is an age-related deterioration of male fertility and also an increased genetic risk for the offspring for chromosomal mutations and abnormalities.

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